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He was said to be as brave as any of his brothers, but less disposed to seek fame by killing.

The reservoir is a circle of about five feet diameter, surrounded by a railing two or three feet high.Great quantities of carbonic acid gas are constantly emitted, which come bubbling up through t he water, giving it somewhat the appearance of boiling." (Note-"Visits to the Virginia Springs During the Summer of 1834, page 613, Southern Literary Messenger, 1835.) He might have been a-little kinder to the buildings had he known what was to come.The same year Peregrine Prolix described his surroundings with a great deal of enthusiasm: "Four hours were taken to reach the Sweet by coach, one of the most ancient and celebrated places in the United States.THE HISTORY of SWEET SPRINGS, MONROE COUNTY (By Barbara Ruth Kidd) (It's continued from a previous issue) William Lewis, the owner and originator of the resort idea, was the son of John Lewis, Irish immigrant and early prominent settler of Augusta county.As early as 1754 Andrew and William Lewis were exploring the banks of Dunlap Creek near Sweet Springs.

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On April 7 of that year Moss gave a deed of trust to John Lewis for a debt of $230.64. Some slept on the bar room tables and on the benches of the old courthouse, at that time the church for the Springs.