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Foot fetish fast meeting

She flips to her stomach and shows her REAL expertise.Her reverse footjob is well trained and nothing short of amazing.I moaned a lot and after a few minutes I survived a very intense and loud orgasm!You'll also love: Iza's stinky nylons - 1080p HD Kamila's nylons smell wonderful!So I called my footgirl Iza and asked her if she would like to lick my sweaty feet clean.Iza agreed without hesitation and within minutes she appeared in my house.I like to indulge in a lot of different variations of the fetish. Be sure to enjoy your stay and let me know how much you like my feet ;) Much love -Karolinka.The weather was nice today, so I invited my friend Eliza for a bike ride. When we finally got back to my house and took off our shoes, the intense smell of our sweaty feet quickly filled whole room.

My feet were very sore, so I quickly took off my shoes and as usual took a big whiff of my sweaty feet.I've been looking forward to meeting @snowyarches for some time now, but we never happened to cross paths.This last trip to Florida I made sure I wasn't gonna miss her.I had tried to meet her a couple different times but scheduling never worked out considering my work schedule and where she lives.Anyway, I show up to her room and shoot some shots. She had some Vans on and they got just a little smelly but I wanted to feel her feet on my dick asap so I skipped the foot smelling. It gets thick and heavy real fast, her hands bring it to a full throbbing erection.

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I sat on the couch, switched on TV and ordered her to massage my sweaty feet with her tongue.

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