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That won Planned Parenthood more allies, too—it now has 12 million supporters, up from 3 million in 2006–but it also painted the organization as unapologetically political.

As the new face of Planned Parenthood, Wen intends to remind people of its raison d’être: providing healthcare and protecting access to it.

“In the last seven years, there have been over 400 restrictions on abortion that had been signed into law and the impact is decimating abortion access and the cost is people’s lives,” she says. Wade could be overturned or further eroded in the next year, meaning that 25 million women, which is one in three women of reproductive age in this country, could be living in states where abortion is outlawed and banned.”Planned Parenthood’s campaign during the midterms reached 5 million voters, Wen says, and the election installed countless advocates–and 11 alumni–of Planned Parenthood in positions across Congress, gubernatorial offices, and state legislatures. We’ll be fighting with our new champions in governor’s houses and state legislators.” As the next election rears its head–and with the support of 25 pro-reproductive health governors and 19 pro-reproductive health state legislatures–Planned Parenthood will stay the course.

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Make no mistake: At Planned Parenthood, we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment.” Wen says Planned Parenthood is investigating the allegations of discrimination and reviewing its parental leave policies through a new initiative. “We’ve started to seek the advice of external experts; we are working now with our affiliates and leaders at our national office to advise on best practices and assist with the implementation.

Healthcare is local.” The goal of the listening tour, she says, is to give her more insight into the local healthcare needs of those communities–and how Planned Parenthood is meeting those needs.

“We know that many young people are nervous or embarrassed to ask questions about their sexual health,” Wen said.

“They often go online to get information and ask their questions anonymously.

In her first two months on the job, Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leana Wen, has made one thing clear: Planned Parenthood has always been a healthcare provider, and that includes access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.“That’s why immediately after I started, we launched the campaign called ‘This is Healthcare’ to reiterate that it’s well past time that we recognize that women’s healthcare and reproductive healthcare–including birth control, cancer screenings, abortion, and STD testing–is what it is,” Wen says.

“It’s standard healthcare.”As the first doctor to lead Planned Parenthood in almost 50 years, Wen is just the person to carry that message.

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She’ll be taking note of what affiliates are doing to “increase access through mobile vans, pop-up clinics, and other innovative ways of reaching people where they are,” she says, as well as their work on maternal health initiatives and addressing racial disparities in care for pregnant women.