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Levy dressed in all black as he radiated joy alongside his girlfriend.Earlier this week, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer said goodbye to 2018 after suffering a near-fatal overdose in July.Though this is the actress’s first fashion faux pas of 2016, there’s hope Miller can recover for her next red carpet event.

She was happy for me to borrow it however for a photoshoot with Mike Froger which was lovely!

Something changed her mind however and about a month ago, Lavonny messaged me saying that she would love for me to have it as she knew that I too would treasure it but also wear it out.

She’s right, it’s become one of my most prized possessions, not just because of how much I love it, but also for Lavonny’s love for it and the incredible gesture she showed me!

Vintage furs have always been a favourite of mine so I’ve asked Lavonny some questions about this particular fur, vintage fur’s in general and how to properly care for one!

Animal rights statement- I wish to state that I have great empathy with animal rights campaigners and do not condone the slaughter of animals for their pelts.

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If you don’t agree with this statement or could find the discussion of vintage furs upsetting then please don’t read any further.