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Rather you will read all about the rich company history, the award-winning designs and family roots of these brands which in reality have absolutely nothing to do with the design or quality level of the piano you're considering.

All of this can certainly be confusing to the buyer who wants to feel like they're buying a name brand product without paying the name brand price, but you really do get what you pay for -- and there are higher rated pianos for the money than the above mentioned brand. Bear There are only a few original Cristofori pianos in existence, the earliest dating back to about 1720. If someone claims to be selling one, they're lying.

Chinese-built pianos from Dongbei, or better, Samicks and Story & Clarks and other non-Chinese imports seem to be superior for the same money. Ask the experts like Bear and others who post herein.

Onestone, better play some more ASC pianos before you make some absurd comments like these.

Larry Fine writes his book from reports he receives from Tuners and Techs and others, not because he personally has played so many of the instruments.

His book is the "Consumer Report" of the piano world and if you want to change what he publishes about Sejung products, you better take that up with him and his sources.

I went there originally to look at the Kawai GM-10K, but was rather disappointed in it.

Boston is made by Kawai (Japan), Essex is made by either Young Chang (Korea) or Pearl River (China) and the Cristofori piano is made by Sejung (China), who incidentally also makes many other brands.

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*Directory/Site Map *Virtual Piano *Music Word Search *Piano Videos *Virtual Piano Chords & Scales Does anyone have opinions on Cristofori Grands?

The Cristofori is certainly no Steinway, but it felt much better and sounded at least as good as the Kawai.

I found it to be comparable to the Yamaha GB1 and 00 less. Below is a partial excerpt from Cordogan's Piano website in Chicago: A mass-produced piano made in China.

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Manufacturer brochures don't make your shopping efforts any easier either when it comes to origin of manufacture.

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