Going dutch dating advice

Posted by / 23-Sep-2020 09:13

We text each other everyday even during work and most of the time he initiated the text messages.

Usually, he would ask how my day was and what I had for dinner.

But for now, stay the course, things seem like they're going fine - and, importantly, relax, and try to stop analyzing everything.

It will only cause stress and potentially harm your chances.

I think he's just approaching it differently than the traditional way where the guy pays for everything.

You said he treated you on the first date so maybe he wanted to take turns.

I'm of the traditional kind so I'm not too familiar with going dutch while dating, but from what you described it does sound like he is definitely interested in you.

Three weeks is usually a bit soon to ask you to be his girlfriend.You really need to stop overanalyzing things, and just take things as they come. There could be any number of reasons for it, but we really can't tell what he's thinking.If I were you, I'd just assumed that he wants to set the tone early that he's not going to be a cash machine (personally, I'd pay for the first date or two entirely, but at some point I'd want to start splitting things 50/50).He seems interested, but we can't tell how much he likes/loves you.A guy usually won't look for commitment for a while; getting into a serious relationship usually takes 1-3 months for a normal pairing of people; if you guys proclaimed you were a serious couple after 3 weeks I'd be concerned that you were moving too fast.

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We had been seeing each other three times a week and we always spent Saturday and Sunday together.