Going from friends to dating back to friends M lf adult chat

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Going from friends to dating back to friends

You’ve said you still harbor hope that he’s still interested in dating you again.That adds to the difficulty of relating platonically.So the question remains: How do you go back to being friends? I think a few other questions must be answered first. How you answer this question will have a lot to do with whether you’re likely to be able to relate to him as just a friend.The more intimate you were, the less likely normal, uncomplicated friendship is.I immediately cut off all communication with him (email, Facebook, phone) because I recognized that this would make things more difficult for both of us.We are in the same circle of friends, however, attend the same church, the same young adults group, and it is impossible to completely avoid him.If, however, you spent those months of dating married, then how you relate now should be dramatically different than it was then.It will also make it harder to return to being just friends.

Ideally your dad would have called him a year ago when he exited without much explanation.

Because, honestly, he still isn’t seeing anyone else, and I can’t completely crush the hope in my heart that he is still interested in me after all this time.

I feel like I am trying to balance on a fence, but fall off every time I attempt to take a step forward.

But you could still ask your dad (and mom) to hold you accountable when it comes to how you move forward.

If it were me, I’d say a year is plenty of time for this guy to miss you, decide he made a mistake and ask you to give him another chance at dating.

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The challenge is aggravated by the fact that I don’t really know why he broke up with me, and I still have feelings for him.

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