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Grounds for invalidating a patent

The principle that patent infringement occurs even when the allegedly infringing activity falls outside the literal scope of the patent claims, but its elements are identical or equivalent to each claimed element of the patented invention.

In patent litigation, a company that thinks it may be accused of infringing may choose to file a declaratory judgment action, asking the court to declare that the patent is not infringed and/or invalid.Filing a declaratory judgment can have tactical, procedural, or financial benefits over just waiting to be sued.A claim that refers back to (depends on) and further limits a preceding dependent or independent claim. American Intellectual Property Law Association, formerly the American Patent Law Association. Aggregators often license patents nonexclusively to shareholders or other insiders, and then sell the patents to patent assertion entities (PAEs) to monetize. AIA made modest reforms, most notably moving the U. to a first-inventor-to-file system more aligned with foreign practice, but also including expanding prior user rights to all patent-eligible subject matter, and instituting a post-grant review proceeding. The AIPA made minor changes to patent law, including requiring publication of most patent applications after 18 months and promoting the USPTO Director to Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property.

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1337), the ITC is empowered to prohibit the importation of products that infringe a valid and enforceable U. An entity that acquires patents for strategic purposes as distinct from protecting a line of business.

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