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How to automate updating cyclades

The upcoming dives in the context of the Tara Pacific expedition promise to be very exciting.

A succession of volcanoes, some still active — islands like boats with hulls of lava rock above which flourishes lush, tropical vegetation.

To get a local perspective, Tara’s team sought the opinion of Choi Yeeting, National Climate Change Coordinator to the President for Kiribati.

Yeeting tells us a common saying instilled in Kiribati youth, “Nangoa Wagm Nte Tauraoi” – Be ready at all costs. Personally speaking, that is how I see it for my country. The worst-case scenario would be having to evacuate Kiribati.

We are not here by chance: Kimbe Bay is a major site for biodiversity: it alone includes 60% of the coral species present in the Indo-Pacific area.

This heart of the Coral Triangle is also the place of origin of all corals.

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It confirmed the extraordinary biodiversity and health of coral polyps in these very warm waters, averaging around 30° C.

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