Inserting username password to database n validating them in php

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For example someone makes an account with: Username: Person Password: hello Email: [email protected]: 111-111-1111Name: Hello Person When they log into the site using their username and password, how can I detect their email/phone/name? Hi this is what I have set up -SQL tables -Members - memberid - primary key Username Password Orders - Orderid - primary keymemberid - foreign keyorderno In my sql table there are two members and two orders.1 order is assigned to 1 member and the other order to the other member.After each member logs in I need to 'echo' that order on the page. or one table consisting of staff, with the members details written into the staff's row?I have tried mysqli_fetch_row() but it only returns an error. I want to retrieve a Title (ing_title) from a database called k_db2 , in a table called content_langs depending on its ID , which called ing_cont ID example: if ing_cont ID=1 , then show the ing_title with this id ing_cont ID the above code should be in a php file ..then I want to include this php file inside the header of my website..If you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I am quite sure there is a simple solution that is escaping me.

I tried to make a php page called wher i put the following code, but not working I'm creating a social network for a friend and I need to make a flash webcam to talk to another flash webcam.

I have all the flash code working, now all I need is a way to let users match themselves up to each other without other users being able to barge in.

Code: [Select] $link = mysqli_connect('#####', '########', '########'); $user = $_SESSION['username']; $email = mysqli_query($link,"select email from members where username='$user'"); echo $email; Specifically, I am trying to get the email address stored for the user specified by the session, and display that address.

However, I do not get any output with the current code, and am not sure what to try next. I don't know how to do this and I tried but there were no satisfied results..

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if(empty($_SESSION['user'])) I want to know, how I can include only the elements the user selected in my SQL query.