Internet explorer tools for validating xml

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Internet explorer tools for validating xml

What I am looking to do is create a reporting framework that uses SQL Server and outputs as XML (only because that could be consumed by various clients).I also want to create title, subtotals, etc., and even page breaks of I can.Error 9 CSS validation: ' Design_Time_Lock' is not a valid CSS property name. View in Internet Explorer but not all the time Win XP Pro, SP1, Firefox 1.0.4 I installed the extension IE View 1.2.4 in the hopes that it would allow me to view a site in IE WHEN I WANT TO.In Visual Studio 2005 there is a drop down at the top to select which html compliance type you want to use. However, it seems that my only option with this extension is to make a site so that it will ALWAYS be viewed in IE. Is there another extension that would provide this on an incident by incident basis?I want to do this all in T-SQL so new reports can be added by DBA's rather than have the developer re-code, re-compile, re-distribute, etc.I think on the DB side it would be as easy as creating a table that is a 'catalog' of available reports with their names, etc., and a set of stored procs that would run t...viewing psr files in internet explorer Is it possible to open psr files directly in Internet Explorer without the need to embed the report using HTML, similar to the way pdf files open directly in the browser ? id=47795 It's written for versions 5 & 6, but applies to 7 as well.

I want firefox to succeed, but there are many professional apps developed in internal corporate intranets that only work correctly with IE. Validation (Internet Explorer 6): Attribute ;ondrop. is not a valid attributr of element 'i Frame' please help for the same. Thats not right, seems like the attribute before it hasnt been closed properly?

TIA Louise In article I installed the extension IE View ...

I am unable to use the internet explorer web tabstrip in internet explorer Hi, I am unable to see the Tabstrip web control in internet explorer, can any help for me Can you please describe what exacly are you doing and how the page markup looks like?

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XML output for a reporting tool I put a similar post on experts-exchange....

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