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Intimidating rage imperious command

Source PPC: Spy HB Sometimes you need to cow someone into submission for more than just a few hours.

Action: Coercing a target into acting friendly for hours takes 1d4 × 10 minutes.

Check: By spending more time threatening or harassing a target, you can attempt to force a creature to act friendly toward you for 1d6 hours 1 hour for every 5 points by which you exceed the DC.

A coerced target acts as though friendly toward you even when you aren’t around, but the aid offered remains grudging at best.

For instance, an ability that protects you from effects with the charm descriptor would generally protect you from a harpy’s song (which is a charm effect).

This is a catch-all category for anything that isn't a ring, staff, rod, weapon, et cetera.

You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds.

This shaken condition doesn’t stack with other shaken conditions to make an affected creature frightened.

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Any character with the Signature Skill feat can earn skill unlocks for a single skill, and they are a prime feature of the revised version of the rogue who uses her rogue’s edge ability to gain skill unlocks for several of her most iconic skills.

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