Invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo

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Invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo

MATE (pronounced to rhyme with latte, not late) is a fork of the GNOME 2 desktop environment that is available on Gentoo.

According to the MATE team's manifesto, they aim to keep a traditional desktop look and feel, maintain an open development model, have an open relationship with GNU/Linux distributions, and serve as a good alternative for lower-end hardware.

Once this is done, it will launch a standard Xfce desktop, logged in automatically to the pre-created , please see these notes (the shipped defaults should work fine for most users, however).

If you are using a Windows or Mac box, or prefer to use a GUI tool in Linux, I recommend you download your preferred image via your web browser using the links above, and then check out the free, open-source, cross-platform tool Etcher to write it to micro SD card.

If you would like to run benchmarks on your RPi system, please see these notes. Note that AArch64 NEON also has a full IEEE 754-compliant mode (including handling denormalized numbers etc.), there is also no need for flag to fully exploit the FPU either (again, unlike earlier ARM systems).

The binaries (libraries and executables) have been rebuilt (with profile 17.0) to run optimally on the Raspberry Pi 4 B's Cortex-A72-based So C, while still retaining backwards compatibility with the older Pi 3 (B and B) model's Cortex-A53. Please refer to the official Programmer’s Guide for ARMv8-A for more details.

It should exit cleanly when done - if you get a message saying 'No space left on device', then your card is too small for the image, and you should try again with a larger capacity one. Ensure you have peripherals connected (with the display plugged into the HDMI0 port - the one nearer the USB-C power connector - if using an RPi4), and apply power.

You should see the Pi's standard 'rainbow square' on-screen for about 2 seconds, then the display will go blank for about 10 seconds, and then (once the graphics driver has loaded) a text console will appear, showing Open RC starting up.

invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo-49invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo-64invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo-49

As of version 1.1.0 of the image, a weekly-autobuild binhost, custom Gentoo profile, and binary kernel package have been provided, making it relatively painless to keep your system up-to-date (and, because of this, has been configured to run automatically once per week, by default).