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During this time i believe, though not sure, the problem started. We use static IPs for the computers BTW."We use static IPs for the computers" "still i cannot ping to computer C from computer D"TGBOY workstation membership has nothing to do with DNS.We have the right DNS IPs setup for primary and secondary. This unjoining and rejoining the domain accomplishes nothing because you are not dealing with a workstataion/domain trust issue.During this time i believe, though not sure, the problem started. This all comes down to not changing the static dns host entries.Why you can ping successfully by name when not on the domain would lead me to thing the dns host/ptr record had been deleted/wkst dns pointer changed and your experience was a result of final name resolution : broadcasts and the unjoined machine answered.delete all lines referencing unwanted sites (just leave " localhost") d. Hello, We have Windows XP client PCs and Window Server 2003 Servers. Before joining a computer A to the domain I can ping to Computer B (which i changed from old ip to new ip).After I join to the domain, i can no longer ping to the computer B, it tries to ping to the old IP instead.We have a WINS setting and DNS settings configured on these PCs. Check your DNS host (A) records to make sure computer B is there.

I tried the same for computer E, removed from domain, added to workgroup and it worked. When it was on the workgroup i could ping to Cmputer C, once i added it to the workgroup it stopped ping and tried to resolve to Computer C's old IP.if computer D's IP was changed and i tried to ping from Computer C and E. If so they could be blocking DNS UDP port 53 causing the computer to not be able to communicate with the DNS server.Other wise I would be looking at your IPCONFIG /ALL to make sure they are set to the right DNS. If not then look into how you have your DHCP setup. This problem happens also for computers within the same floors also.I tried this with two computers that were already on the domain. We relocated Computer C to another floor and changed its IP. It has been a week now and still i cannot ping to computer C from computer D.I Tried to ping from Computer E to Computer C also and still it failed. So i came up with an idea to try removing Computer D from the domain and add it to a workgroup.

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Does the resolving steps change when it is in the domain and when it is not in a domain?