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Ivory dating service

Softer ivory from East Africa and southern Africa was traded for souvenirs, jewelry and trinkets.

By the 1970s, Japan consumed about 40% of the global trade; another 40% was consumed by Europe and North America, often worked in Hong Kong, which was the largest trade hub, with most of the rest remaining in Africa.

About 80% of this was estimated to come from illegally killed elephants.

The international deliberations over the measures required to prevent the serious decline in elephant numbers almost always ignored the loss of human life in Africa, the fueling of corruption, the "currency" of ivory in buying arms, and the breakdown of law and order in areas where illegal ivory trade flourished.

Activists such as Jim Nyamu have described current ivory prices for poached ivory and the dangers such activists face from organized poaching.

These controls were supported by most CITES parties as well as the ivory trade and the established conservation movement represented by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Traffic and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In 19, CITES registered 89.5 and 297 tonnes of ivory in Burundi and Singapore respectively.

Fences in farmlands are becoming increasingly more common; this disrupts the elephants' migration patterns and can cause herds to separate.

Some CITES parties (member states), led by Zimbabwe, stated that wildlife had to have economic value attached to it to survive and that local communities needed to be involved.

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