Japanase dating customs

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Thai girls oscillate between the extremes of the female psyche.

They are either any man’s dream girl: sweet, caring and attentive (lots of western men marry Thai girls and it’s not only for the reasons you would assume) or can be Machiavellian, disloyal and psychotic.

Japanese women look younger than their actual ages might suggest.

They take very good care of themselves and have a very, uniquely Japanese allure.

, but I need to mention how huge the topic of marriage is in Japan.

There's a whole culture called 婚活 (translates to "marriage activity") where people work their butts off to find a suitable partner.

Japan is an island nation of 6,852 islands off the Pacific coast of East Asia. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, Gifu, Maebashi.

On all my travels around the world over the past decade, Thai women nudge ahead of Mexicans as the friendliest and most generous girls I’ve met.

And the girls are Because I was all about the tits and ass, most of my travels have been through Latin America.

Carefully dressed in the latest designs and colors, Japanese women are well-known for their flawless fashion and grace.

Education is very important and Japanese women are often very worldly and on the cutting edge of many trends.

Being able to butcher a few phrases will make the local girls squeal with delight and it will make a huge difference to your day game efforts.

Despite evidence to the contrary in Soi Cowboy, not all Thai girls are pros and gold diggers – there are around 30 million of them after all.

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Cute faces and small, thin frames are the norm—nirvana for guys escaping the obesity epidemic in the west. If you are a tits and ass man, Thai women (and Asian girls in general, apart from Indonesian) are not for you.

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