Joao pessoa brazil dating

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Joao pessoa brazil dating

If there is, go somewhere else and come back again in a few minutes so you can make sure it's safer. The safest way is by taxi so you can go straight to the main gate.

It's only safe to go by car during day time and if there is no queuing at the car park entrance.

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The landmark and point of reference here is the Tropical Hotel Tambaú and the feirinha (handicraft market) in front of it.

Further north are the less attractive Manaíra, and then the pleasant and quieter Bessa. You might find the much bigger airport of Recife more convenient, especially for international flights. João Pessoa's long-distance bus station is in spot in the center.

In March/April 2011 muggers attacked a group of cars in a queue to the Shopping Manaira's car park and stole everything they had in the cars (purses, wallets, jewels, watches, money).

João Pessoa is one of the oldest cities in Brazil, dating back to 1585. The city center grids out on a hill between a lake (lagoa) and the river.

Some 7 kilometers to the east, along Presidente Epitácio Pessoa, are the beaches of Tambaú (to the left as you hit the beach) and Cabo Branco (to the right), where most of the tourist infrastructure is found.

A tradition not to missed here is watching the unforgettable sunset on the beach Jacare, to the sound of Ravel’s “Bolero.” There are also buggy strolls available to all the beaches within easy reach of Joao Pessoa, such as Jacuma, Coquerinhos, Tambaba, Tabatinga, Poco, and many more.

However, Tambau, Cabo Branco, Manaira, and Bessa are amongst the beaches on offer by the city itself.

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