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By contrast, in Lurean or Lurianic Kabbalah (the Kabbalah of Isaac Luria), the sefirot are perceived as a constellation of forces in active dialogue with one another at every stage of that evolution.

In some contexts, the highest level of Keter is called "The unknowable head", The second level is "the head of nothingness" (reisha d'ayin) and the third level is "the long head" (reisha d'arich).These three heads correspond to the superconscious levels of faith, pleasure and will in the soul.In its early 12th-century dissemination, Kabbalah received criticism from some rabbis who adhered to Jewish philosophy, for its alleged introduction of multiplicity into Jewish monotheism.Therefore, the sefirot also describe the spiritual life of man, and constitute the conceptual paradigm in Kabbalah for understanding everything.This relationship between the soul of man and the Divine, gives Kabbalah one of its two central metaphors in describing Divinity, alongside the other Ohr (light) metaphor.

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