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I want to get married before I turn 40, “and he said,” It’s too early for you to get married at even 50.” MC Seo Jang Hoon said, “Perso Kim Heechul answered: “I am very delicate. I believe this was when I lived with the participants in the dorm.” While we should likely stop shipping Heechul and Momo, it has confirmed that another TWICE member is forming a K-pop power couple.Since January, Jihyo has been dating former Wanna One member, Kang Daniel, with the couple being spotted previously this month on a date in Seoul.

Min Kyung Hoon joked, “I think he might not be able to come in today.” Just then, Kim Heechul shocked everyone with his sudden and effervescent entrance.

In 2007, back when the nation was swept with the 'Ivy Syndrome,' a scandal between Ivy and Heechul broke out, claiming that the two had a romantic relationship.

Both parties denied the dating rumors and the scandal eventually dwindled down over time.

When asked about a friendship between men and women, Kim referred to Son Dam Bi as his close opposite-sex friend.

He said, “Son Dam Bi and I have been friends for 12 years.

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