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I took this lesson with me to Denmark where I had a new outlook on life and found that I didn’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

No matter what challenges I faced in this new country by myself, they paled in comparison to the tough end-of-life decisions I made back home (in Canada) in that hospital room.

I began to feel resentful and questioned whether I needed to change.Lauren Frances is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author, and media personality, and a leader in the field of Digital Romance and Online Dating.She's been called "The Manwhisperer" by Extra,"The Flirt Fairy" by Victoria's Secret, and "Fairy Godmother" by her faithful fans, and her love coaching practice spans the globe. Demi loves learning new languages, traveling to new places, and exploring her imagination in her creative writing.She would love to have a greenhouse one day to grow her own fruits and vegetables. My experiences in the last few years set me on this career path.

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My year in Copenhagen was a healing year in many ways because I was able to reset emotionally, physically and mentally. Living in a health-conscious country helped the healing process; I adapted to the Danish lifestyle quickly and established new healthy habits.

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