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Liquidating self

Liquidation may be accomplished using deferred payments.

These deferred payments are not taxed to the liquidating partner until the payments received exceed his or her outside basis.

As with a purchase, the partnership may make the Sec. If the partnership makes the election, payments to the liquidating partner exceeding his or her tax basis capital account will generate a step-up in partnership assets. 754 election, the excess payments create a phantom asset and are nondeductible by the partnership.

The liquidating partner is not considered terminated from the partnership until the last liquidating distribution is made.

The tax issues associated with these two methods, such as whether the change generates ordinary income or ordinary deductions or capital gain treatment for the partnership and for the terminating partner, should be considered in detail.

How the partnership treats the termination is important to both parties in order to receive the tax treatment intended.

If the FMV of the partnership assets is greater than their associated tax basis, it is usually advantageous for the partnership to make a Sec.Unrealized receivables and substantially appreciated inventory are considered "hot assets" under Sec. If the partnership holds hot assets at the time of sale or liquidation, the portion of the gain attributable to these assets will be considered ordinary income.Note that if the sale is treated as an installment sale, the ordinary income due to the sale of hot assets will have to be recognized at the time of the sale and will not be allowed installment sale treatment (CCA 200722027).Likewise, if there is a stepdown, the book deduction will be reduced.In theory, if all the assets were disposed of, the acquiring partner's interest would end up back at book basis. 754 election, the incremental value of the partnership interest purchased will stay on the acquiring partners' books until the partnership interest is terminated. 754 election will create additional accounting work to maintain the two sets of books necessary to track the adjusted assets and their disposal. 754 election, the partnership must attach a statement to Form 1065, U. Return of Partnership Income, for the year of the sale, which should include the partnership name, address, and tax year in effect.

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The difference between the FMV and the tax basis of each asset determines whether the asset will receive a step-up or a stepdown. 754 treatment, any assets that have declined in value must be stepped down, just as the appreciated assets will be stepped up.

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