Mature dating gray hair

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Mature dating gray hair

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Young men and women instinctively look for a strong, healthy partner that will produce strong, healthy children. Women over 50 don’t necessarily need a man to support them financially, rather they are looking for someone who accepts them as they are, who has their back, and who supports them. Dating in our 20’s tends to be all about finding someone to help us build a comfortable life and family.

Ready to take the plunge into the world of dating over 50? It’s really no different now than in the caveman days.

According to Lisa, “Dating in your 20’s is mostly about hormones and reproduction”.

You will discover key points such as deal breakers, how your values align, and how you feel when you’re around him. What is the one thing about a partner you can’t live without?

You know it when it happens because you start to look washed out and tired – your hair color isn’t working.

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