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Reminiscent of the Moorish mosaic, glazed colored tiles are very decorative and may be used to decorate walls or patio floors.Bursting with color, these create lively mosaics and can be used in a wide range of climates to create dramatic color accents with their rich combinations of pattern and color.They still can be admired in many Mediterranean towns and villages.Use stones of various colors and sizes that you may lay flat or on edge and create your own design, just like the Moors in southern Spain!A short distance from Massada sits a landlocked lake that is so salty that it has been nicknamed the Dead Sea. Carmel Park, on the other hand, there are trails that wind between the natural beauties of the Middle East, the woods, archaeologic sites, and sacred places.A cruise in the Mediterranean Sea offers both must-see natural and historical excursions, and less demanding pass times; from Haifa, with another MSC excursion, you will be able to reach the bubbling city of Tel Aviv.

This considerably reduces water usage, but also has the incredible advantage of being low maintenance and making long-lasting, attractive mulches.Don’t miss a visit to the desert of Judaea, a stony and arid land which opens onto the spectacular Dead Sea.Terra-cotta pots and jars are a famous feature of Mediterranean gardens.Or, if you are more interested in history and are not afraid of to get a little tired, an excursion to Massada will take you to the top of the mountain where the Jews took their last stand against the Romans.While docked at Haifa during your cruise, you will also get the chance to admire Israel’s nature at its most extreme.

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Here they beautifully brighten up the vertical surface of the risers.