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Mga nagawa ni dating pangulong marcos

In 1969 he was reelected, becoming the first Philippine president to serve a second term.During his first term he had made progress in agriculture, industry, and education. Jones—attending a ceremony at Clark Air Base in central Luzon, Philippines, 1979. Imelda became a powerful figure after the institution of martial law in 1972.Marcos ruled the Philippines for 20 years, exercising authoritarian power and undermining democratic processes.Marcos and his associates looted billions of dollars from the government, took on enormous loans to keep the economy afloat, and left the Philippines in a desperate financial state.

He was a member of the House of Representatives (1949–59) and of the Senate (1959–65), serving as Senate president (1963–65).

In the provinces Maoist communists (New People’s Army) and Muslim separatists (notably of the Moro National Liberation Front) undertook guerrilla activities intended to bring down the central government. An independent commission appointed by Marcos concluded in 1984 that high military officers were responsible for Aquino’s assassination.

Under martial law the president assumed extraordinary powers, including the ability to suspend the writ of habeas corpus. To reassert his mandate, Marcos called for presidential elections to be held in 1986.

But he argued his case on appeal to the Philippine Supreme Court and won acquittal a year later. During World War II he was an officer with the Philippine armed forces.

Marcos’s later claims of having been a leader in the Filipino guerrilla resistance movement were a central factor in his political success, but U. government archives revealed that he actually played little or no part in anti-Japanese activities during 1942–45.

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