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The Price Of Citizenship It Started at the bus stop I noticed a Beatiful young mexican woman looking around puzzled and scared after she had gotten of the bus.She was 5'6 120lb long black hair brown eyes 36C and a plump firm ass, I knew That I had to have her.

The first few days I got Maria to trust and rely on my help then a plan formed in my mind. she'ld would have to do as I say and if she did good I may help her with her green card.

As the core worlds gained in prosperity, the companions began to be elevated in status.

As the clientele gained wealth and status, the guild chose to bar from their membership all but the most highly trained companions and excluding the more common prostitutes that serviced the working classes.

Yet she felt extra sexy that day, it was in the middle o... Dressed in full battle regalia the Indians looked more than ferocious as they swung axes and threw spears at the blue suited infantry soldiers.

For more than twenty minutes the battle raged on and the audience more than got their money's worth as the soldiers defended themselves against the horse riding attackers!

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once she needed me completely i told her that id if she didnt want me to report her to I. She didn't want to but she knew she didn't have much of a choice.