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This MIT group published their data in Nature and said that the first common ancestor of all humans could have lived as early a couple thousand years before Christ.5. We know that the appearance of humans in America coincided with the disappearance with several large mammal species in the Americas according to the Book of Mormon.

(2004) "Modelling the recent common ancestry of all living humans".

In 1998, the Smithsonian revised the form letter and stated that Book of Mormon had not been used by the Smithsonian in any form of archaeological research.

Mormon scholars speculated that this was because the earlier version of the letter contradicts some aspects of research published by Smithsonian staff members.

It also deals with the rise and fall of the Jaredite nation, which the Book of Mormon says came from the Old World shortly after the confounding of the languages at the Tower of Babel.

Terryl Givens speculates that the change in the statement was an effort to avoid controversy.Why do we know this, because there are Mammoth and horse bones, human bones, and arrows and stone blades with mammoth and horse flesh on them in the same strata at multiple sites. Can any Christian put any stock in this date as accurate?It denies that Adam was the first man who, according to the Bible, lived 4000 BC.Yes, there are 40 types of radio-isotope dating which all agree with each other, but all 40 scientific radio-dating techniques are based on a flawed assumption.And that flawed assumption is that radio/isotope dating assumes a constant rate of cosmic rays hitting the Earth which is what produces the radioactive isotopes or influences the ratio of radioactive isotopes and nonradioactive isotopes.

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During the early 1980s, rumors circulated in Mormon culture that the Book of Mormon was being used by the Smithsonian to guide primary archaeological research.