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These types of racketeers build a wonderful strategy before they target the innocent citizens and swindle hundreds of dollars from the victims at an appropriate time and place without their knowledge.There are different types of scams like lottery scams, sex racketing, trading scams, mobile scams, internet scams, investment scams and social media scams.This wonderful website has a list of scammers who were seriously involved in sex racketing and scamming.The citizens should inform the public about these types of love scammers through this immaculate website.Most of the scammers are either new to this business or experienced hands.But the scammer's only objective is to swindle huge amount of money from the victims.

When the account holder enters the pin the scammer will note down the pin and other details, only to swindle the amount of the customers.

So, the account holders should be very careful while using the ATM machines or while depositing or withdrawing the cash from the bank.

The tricky scammers will prank the pedestrians and loot their hard-earned money.

A few years back Nigerian scammers swindled millions of dollars from hundreds of internet users in the well-executed lottery scam and only after this news spread like a wild fire in the news channels and blogs, the internet users showed much caution.

Most of the professional scammers are living in the African countries of Ghana and Nigeria, as a matter of fact, it is interesting and worth mentioning that they are Nigerian female scammers and Russian female scammers.

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