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"If members of our military can meet the qualifications for a job," said Defense Secretary Leon E.Panetta, "they should have the right to serve." , "it will be against the law for a hotel or restaurant proprietor, or anyone else managing or owning a 'public place' to allow women to smoke in public." Though the ordinance was "rushed through," a few people present at the board hearing for the new rule voiced dissent.

For years, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), which served as the governing body of U. track and field, including most road races, had banned women from competing in marathons.Also, many countries that initially embraced telesleaze as a boost to their economies came to see it as a stain on their national reputation and an impediment to attracting legitimate business.(See the paragraph about Tuvalu below.) The days when you could hardly sit through a half-hour sitcom without an ad for "Ten-Ten-Blah Blah Blah" long distance are gone, and so, too, are the days when you could hardly open a freebie newspaper without seeing dozens of ads for adult chat lines supposedly in countries you’ve never heard of. are familiar with 900 and 976 numbers, as well as other prefixes that are used in some areas.Well into the 20th century, credit card companies routinely denied single women access to their own lines of credit.The cards were reserved for men and married women who could have their husbands cosign on their applications.

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Some "experts" believed that women's bodies weren't fit to travel at 50 mph. military has a long history of restricting women's rights within their ranks.