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Online dating meeting in real life

I couldn’t speak loud enough for people to hear me and any time the attention was on me, I did whatever I could to deter it.I was so scared of being knocked down that couldn’t bear to show myself.Offline, I was shy and soft, awkward and out of tune.I didn’t know what to do with my hands when I talked to people.And in that time, I would evolve into a young woman whose first kiss was a combination of a semicolon and an asterisk and whose first boyfriend lived in a rectangle on the family computer.For me, talking to boys online was like walking into the cafeteria at peak lunch hour with the confidence that I would have a place to sit, and what’s more, a few people who actually wanted to sit next to me.I would have stuttered and stammered and tried to think of anything to say that wasn’t the truth.

Sure, I was a pale tween, hunched over her family computer in a New York suburb, telling people with screen names like Beach Dude87 and hang10cali that I was a tanned teen surfer living in California, but I didn’t think I was hurting anyone.And while it was easy to blame my freelance work-from-home lifestyle, the truth is, even if I was out and about, I still wouldn’t talk to people.I’d still shy away from conversations and stop interactions before they started.I would turn into this sweaty, stiff creature who couldn’t do anything but violently fold a cocktail straw into a sharp looking figurine. But everything changed when I realized that the better the conversation went, the more likely an in-person meeting would be suggested.“What are you doing this weekend, want to grab a drink? I could establish confidence offline and then attempt to live up to it in person.them, it wouldn’t feel like I was trying, it would feel like a game. As difficult as it was for me to translate my online persona into the offline world, the opportunity to get to know someone before meeting them helped me transfer the data over a little more smoothly.

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And trying was just about the most embarrassing thing someone with a fear of failing could do. Living up to my jpegs, tweets, snaps, and stories was not an easy feat.

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