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Let’s say you got a date once or twice or maybe got laid from using a pick up line, let’s even say you’ve become what you consider to be a pick up line master, it still won’t get you far. Because after that you can’t hide behind memorized words any longer and the real you will come out.

Before I start this article I thought I should explain why I have a lot of pick up lines on my site. If you’re interested you can find them by clicking any of the links below.

As soon as a guy starts searching for a pick up line, he’s essentially telling himself “I need a clever line to get women to like me because I’m not good enough as I am.” If a guy thinks he’s not good enough for a certain woman, it means he’ll always be searching for the right thing to say to keep her interested, meaning meeting and attracting women will always be an uphill battle.

On the other hand, women want a man with integrity, a guy who lives by the words that come out of his mouth.

So, in the long run, the cheesy and superficial pick up line game will get you just that: cheesy and superficial women.

If you want to have a proper relationship with a mature woman, you have to get to know each other on a real level, no games.

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