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Powered by phpbb hindu dating

I'm looking at a Mohawk model that didn't seem to fit the standard "BLACKPOWDERX" barrel code scheme: JDR34 Without the "J" it would be September 1968 manufacture date. What hat would accomplish, I don't know, but I believe it was considered.**UPDATE** Mystery solved! IMHO I believe it was a decision thing as to where to put the serial number on the M66 because the receivers can be swapped between rifles with ease.Theory: Earth consisting of only Precambrian rocks came into electrified contact with Mars, which had life.

There may have been dinosaurs on Mars whilst our ancestors lived on Earth !

Then the connection between Earth and Mars was broken as possibly the whole chain of planets in the Saturn System broke up. Understanding what happened is the first step to recovery. One would expect that strata that experienced lots of life would get more carbon from the atmosphere and so produce more hydrocarbons.

We have not begun to recover from the effects of this trauma on human DNA. Even allowing for initial carbon content of different strata and transmutation to carbon, one would expect strata with lots of tree-like material, catastrophically produced, to form hydrocarbon deposits.

So fire breathing dragons could have been dinosaurs coming out of the sky in electrical conditions, other than the more likely cometary planets as dragons.

And dinosaurs may have been visible on Mars during closest approach.

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As the current travelled past Earth it divided into probably four forks, three of which went over the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean plus Siberia.

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