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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the critically acclaimed first-person role-playing game Deus Ex.Set in 2027, Human Revolution follows Sarif Industries security chief Adam Jensen as he attempts to unravel a global conspiracy in a world beginning to deal with the social, political and economic effects of a post-humanist renaissance.As the terrorist is about to administer the killing blow, Megan distracts him only to be punched in the face which kills her.

Right before commiting suicide, the terrorist gives Adam an adress in Hengsha, China where Adam can find the hacker who controlled the Purity First terrorist.Sanders escapes while Sarif asks Adam to investigate on the augmented terrorist.After sneaking into the morgue, Adam discovers that the terrorist was being controlled from afar from a mysterious third party, believed at the time to be on of Sarif Industries competitors due to a massive security leak that David Sarif was fully aware of.The plot thickens as Adam wonders if Sarif Industries isn't supplying the terrorist despite the fact that David Sarif denies this by explaining that Sarif Industries almost only does military contracts when it comes to weapons.The biggest suspect becomes FEMA one of Sarif's Competitors.

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David Sarif explains that a top secret military weapon called the Typhoon is in the warehouse and must be secured.