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Saying i love you before dating

If you can’t even decide if you feel the same, then he might also be saying I love you a little too prematurely.

Sometimes, a guy’s harmless, premature professions of love may just be the result of excitement and over-enthusiasm.

Some men will do and say anything just to get laid.

If you’re kissing, hugging, and making out, and suddenly he feels some hesitation from you, he might panic and say, “I love you.” No.

However, once you become comfortable, the not-so-good-and-attractive bits start to show. [Read: Signs that it’s time to say I love you] #14 You’re not even close. Your feel unready, despite the length of your dating timeline.

This can be a hindrance for you in accepting his declaration of love and/or attempt to move your relationship to the next level.

Before you believe him when he is saying I love you, ask yourself if he knows at least some basic information about you.

When you’re first dating, chances are that you’re showing the best version of yourself.

[Read: When should you say I love you for the first time? Wait a little longer and don’t give up your goods yet.

If your guy just uses it to get what he wants, then there’s a big chance he doesn’t really know what love is.

Take time to know each other better, and if he still feels and says the same things to you after the dust has settled, then maybe it really true.

If he is saying I love you, but you’re not sure who else he is saying those words to, then you will have a big problem if you believe what he says. So he says he loves you, but he’s not serious about your relationship or is not willing to commit? If he’s saying one thing and doing another, then he’s not really sincere and may just be manipulating you.

If he says those words, think about how you feel in that exact moment. [Read: Signs your guy means it when he says I love you] #8 Is he in it for the long haul?

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At worst, they’re from a guy who will do and say anything just to get something from you *like affection for the over-eager clingy types, and sex for the pervs looking for a quick fix for their libidos.* Another red flag to watch out for is when you are feeling like you are not ready.

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