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Airbnb has removed the host permanently from its site after the discovery but Nealie Barker said her family was “very, very upset” with how the tech giant initially handled their complaint.The family from New Zealand found the camera hidden in a smoke alarm case in the living room of the accommodation just outside Cork city, Ms Barker said in a Facebook post earlier this month, adding that her husband, Andrew, found it after trying to connect his phone to the wifi.It felt like a huge invasion of our privacy and it felt like the exact opposite of what Airbnb should be about -mutual trust.

"The host admitted to the concealed camera over the phone, only after presented with our irrefutable proof," she added.

"We just found a camera hidden in a smoke alarm case in the private living room of a listing.

We were travelling with children," reads the Facebook post made by Nealie Barker on April 1.

After discovering the camera, the Barker family relocated to a nearby hotel.

However, the family told CNN that Airbnb was initially dismissive of the whole incident.

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