Serial monogamy dating

Posted by / 07-Feb-2020 13:50

And if we’re honest, we’re probably fed up of them.That warm and fuzzy feeling of seeing that friend all loved up wore off 3 partners ago.For most, in the current economy, it would be unwise to leave a job without having a plan, a backup, or a new workplace to go to.Not only does this ensure you more security and stability in the immediate future, but it reflects well upon you to not leave gaps in your employment history.So much so, that they refuse to end a relationship – even if unhealthy or abusive – until they have somebody else in the pipeline.This need to seemingly drag out failing relationships until a suitable replacement has been found should not be confused with being mature and committed to all partners.Unfortunately, even if you succeed in those tasks, it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t get bored and move on, potentially being unfaithful before the official break off as they’re already scouting their next recruit.When we think of serial monogamists, it’s difficult not to pass judgement.

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We might speculate on their mental health or consider them as immoral, even parasitic in some cases.

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