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Short female haircuts fetish dating sites

With great charm and enthusiasm she sat down and got a freshly shaved hear!! Today her beautiful long hair will be lying on the floor.She wondered if she would be brave enough to go through with it.

Sonia had had everything she could ask for, a lucrative job with a design company, a great love life with her boyfriend of four years, a house in the heart of town... Sonia was an attractive 25 year old girl with gorgeous features, tall and dusky.It was cut perfectly and seemed to have been cut recently. “And then I can give you layers and some bangs.” This surely was much shorter than Sonia usually had it cut. She led Sonia to the sink, a black cape was places around her neck and Tina began washing her hair. She paid for the haircut and tipped Tina handsomely. You have great features, it’s a shame you hide them behind this hair. All the depressing thoughts of the morning came gushing back to her. It was the only thing that could now make her feel better. The chairs were made red leather, and had a massive mirror in front of them with a counter full of combs, scissors, clippers straight, a few brushes, razors, a blow drier and a foam dispenser. Mike was the barber in the shop, the other name plate rear ‘Tim’.But she felt she could trust Tina and that she knew what she was doing. Sonia began to relax and enjoy as Tina massaged her scalp. But there was still one thing she wanted to do, she really liked Tina’s haircut and wanted to know more about it. I’d suggest you sleep over it, and you can always come back to me for a short haircut. She tool Tina’s card and told her she’d call if she changed her mind about cutting her hair short. “hi, I’m Sonia, and I’d like an appointment with Tina please.” “I’m sorry ma’am, but Tina is booked out for the next three days.” “Oh hell! She looked around and as luck would have it, she had parked right in front of a barbershop. It was a quaint little shop and she could see it had 2 barber chairs and one of them had a customer that the barber was capping, and she saw a girl, in tights jeans and a white T-shirt, about her age walk out. Sonia was more interested in the haircut than in the magazines.She had never cut her hair short, and now she was shaving her head bald.Evelyn: An amazing girl who has never had a short haircut.

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She had woken up to a cranky boyfriend who has just been snapping at her all morning.

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