Sidney crosby dating mario lemieux daughter Phone sex chats in english by a couple

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Sidney crosby dating mario lemieux daughter

Saying you aren't planning to date doesn't necessarily mean you aren't having sex.

He may be having sex and hook-ups but may not be planning to date (eg.

I agree that Jonathan Toews is the hottest thing going.

He's also really sweet & comes across as articulate in interviews (many are on Youtube) - one where he is shirtless in the locker room - i can just imagine the boners the sportswriters have who are crowded around him with their mics.

The priests made that BS up so they can have it for themselves, those greedy bottoms.

The gay rumors about Modano have been around since even before then.

Even the straights suspect him; it's not necessarily a gay wishful thinking scenario.

If he lives happily ever after with a woman, good for him.

But for now he's about the hottest, richest, most eligible bachelor in Chicago - and could get any girl he wants - but doesn't seem to be getting any. And at age 20, the Blackhawks picked him as team captain....pretty cool for such a young kid.

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(Photo by Phillip Mac Callum/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Willa Ford; Mike Modanohis wife/beard, actress Willa Ford, R77.we've discussed him before & there are a ton of gay rumors about him.

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