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I blasted shot after shot of cum wishing it had been in a completely different one. That was so nice." She said as I rolled off of her. I let the warm water do it's best to wash away my disappointment at another weak fuck.

" Was all i could muster as the orgasm overtook me. Too bad she can't screw worth a damn, I thought to myself as I entered the shower.

Someone who could fuck me like one, but also love me like a woman. One more look at myself in the mirror and I was off. A there are a dozen of these on every corner, why is everyone in this one?

I turned on the water in the shower and waited for it to warm up. That I must be broken, that I wasn't loved enough by my daddy. I went under the shower and thought about how hard it was to find someone who didn't mind dating a porn star. The low cut sundress hanging off my body quite nicely I must admit.

I want it so deep in my ass that I won't be able to sit for a week. I could see the cameraman struggling to keep the camera level. "Oh of course...anytime." He said before finally allowing me to get to my dressing room. They also think that having sex on camera is the most demeaning part. "He said he'll only talk to you." "Mani the linens cleaner said he'll only talk to me? "You're welc..." I hung up on him before he finished his sentence. She was definitely one of my favorite people to work with.

Making my pussy drool with how good you're fucking that tight ass." I delivered as the seasoned pro that I was. "Oh, I have another scene to do later, but I would love it some other time." I said giving my stock response. This has been an incredible waste of time." I told him. I turned to look at the intruding stranger, when I was confronted by far and large the most beautiful woman I had ever met. We've done plenty of scenes together over the years.

Well decorated and even had a second floor where the scene was supposed to take place. "We have your changing room right over there, Asa is already changing.

Why does everyone underestimate the importance of flag day. Once I was finally out of the shower, I put on my suit and left my apartment, ready to take on the day. "Thank you for always being here." "And I always will be." She said kissing me again. "But you need to be careful." "I know." I told her. I made a show of taking his dick in my mouth and sucking off the remaining cum from the tip. I could give you some pointers." He said lowering his voice and his gaze over my now covered body. " "That you would know what this is all about." "Thank you Jason... Her right nostril was pierced and somehow it only added to her allure. She was beautiful, sexy, from Japan and could eat pussy and fuck me like no one else. I did love the nice warm feeling as it ran down my chin and onto my chest. "You should definitely come and sit with me while I edit it. "And whatever the gentleman here will have." I ordered and took a few moments to look at this beauty that was standing in front of me. "I appreciate you trying to stay with me, but if you have to go, I will more than understand." "How about I make it up to you? Asa Akira was one of the top performers in the industry. "So why did you come in here smelling like your pussy ready for a big ole dick?

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I was this close to tunnelling myself inside." "You are quite determined aren't you? I was rooted to the spot watching her walk and sway with so much ease it set my soul on fire. ************************************************************************************************************* Skin I was trying to stop from smiling, but wow it was so hard. She was really cute i thought to myself as I got to the dressing room. I heard you had a scene together." "No." I answered trying to avoid her gaze.

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