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I am not trying to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to prepare yourself for anything. I have a friend that was putting on a special show for her boyfriend on Skype.

She was really into it and thought it was for his eyes only.

Make the most of video chat If you live far away from the person you are dating, a video call is the ideal way to get to know each other a little better.

Make official video chat ‘dates’ and prepare for them the same way you would a real one – do your hair, think up topics to talk about and even play some music in the background.

Technological advances may have made it easier than ever to start dating digitally, but unless you have a good idea of how to handle yourself online, you could be flirting with disaster.

Make sure you’re ready to start dating online with a little help from the communication experts at Skype.

Right now you probably think that Skype sex is safe since he is your boyfriend. What you may not know is that there is a way to take pictures without knowledge of it being taken.

From emails to instant messaging from your PC, and from free voice calls to video chat on your i Pad, you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal, so be sure to keep the excitement fresh by mixing it up.Dating digitally can be a great way to kindle the flames of a new relationship – if you have a handle of the etiquette that is.Find out how to best behave online with a little help from Skype.Mark Brooks of Online Personals Watch works with many online dating sites – and says that all of them are plagued by fake profiles, scammers and criminals looking for money, not love.A few simple steps can help ensure you don’t fall for a fake…

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Q: Is there an easy way to spot scammers from ‘normal’ daters? If scammers have made it onto a dating site, its because the profile looks normal. If they want you to get off the dating site asap – and communicate by email, say – that’s a sign. Older women, because its tough to find a hot older gentleman. Bear in mind that its the scammers job to get users off the site asap.

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