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'Paper Planes (DFA Remix)' is heavily loaded with trance feel electronic beat patterns with stylish 'turntablism' (hip-hop DJ) making a cool maneuvers in making it a rollicking 'club' remix number. After international talk-a-thon, the mood swivels to early 90's stylized Bollywood genre where Laxmikant-Pyarelal's much talked 'Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai' (KHALNAYAK (1993)) gets revamped with similar folksy thrust in 'Ringa Ringa'. R Rehman confessed it to be 'inspirational' and used the same vocals of Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun with Raquib Alam's chirpy wordings to emote out a typical raunchy Bollywood appeal for international audiences.

As another reviewer mentions, it would have been nice if not all the answers come up in the same order as his life unfolded but that was obviously to keep a linear story for the viewers.The soul of Indian classical vocals gets melodic eruption with racy orchestral flows in consequentially played instrumental number 'Liquid Dance'.It has fiery and passionate vocals from purists like Madhumita and Palakkad Sriram that get fiercely interwoven in wildly punched percussive elements to create a ferocious feel for the compelling situations and moments of the flick.Historia de un niño hindú, pobre, con una infancia bastante complicada y con varias desgracias, enamorado de una chica con la que nunca puede estar...ya algo mayor decide presentarse en el programa del quien quiere ser millonario, y curiosamente, gracias a experiencias claves (y algo rebuscadas xd), de su pasado logra contestar correctamente todas las preguntas que le van haciendo (ahí van mostrando los flashback), hasta el punto que llegan a pensar que esta haciendo trampa, porque carajo, como alguien como el podía saber tantas cosas, pero bueno, ahí esta la magia de la peli.

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'Mausam and Escape' is 'fusion' music at its best and can well be served as textbook piece for all enthused musicians who crave for something creatively classical in their work. It gets a thematically melodramatic outlook with gunshots, trigger lock and cash register clinging sounds getting mixed in the sluggish-tempo music and upfront lyrical works.

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