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Spice and nice dating site

Jake describes the choice of area, noting, “Tremont’s a cool little neighborhood with a lot of culture on the west side of Cleveland, minutes from downtown. It’s not commercial; it just has a lot of character.” Ultimately, Barrio aimed to create something that the Cleveland scene was lacking.

“We get high school and college couples to people in their 70s for date nights.” While ages and tastes may vary, when it comes to shareable appetizers diners agree: Barrio’s queso and guacamole are can’t-miss starters.The Short Version: Diners are willing to wait for over an hour to get a table at the hot Cleveland eatery Barrio, and that’s not just on the weekend — that’s every night of the week at all five locations.There’s no doubt that Barrio has struck a serious chord with Clevelanders, but what makes it so desirable?The right combination of a vibrant decor, friendly servers, and Mexican food that’s a little out of the ordinary — think Thai chili tofu and pineapple salsa.Barrio is one of our featured restaurants because it makes such a great date spot, especially for first dates.

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