Sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache 2016 berry backdating

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For the sake of review, the various caching strategies I looked at in that post include: The exam ref focuses all it's energy on Object Cache and some of the supporting classes from the System. Files and Sql databases can be monitored for changes, invalidating the cache when the data of interest is changed.

The Host File Change Monitor is use to track the state of a file, and Sql Change Monitor for a database.

I enabled the Service Broker for the Sandbox database.

Establishes a relationship between an item stored in an ASP.

The sqldependency has never worked, it is not a stability issue as described in kb916002.

In a trace I can see the sqldependency starts correctly.

For this class to work correctly when using table-based notifications, the database and any tables that you want to make dependencies on must have notifications enabled.

NET 4.0 Memory Cache with Sql Change Monitor [Code Project] Query Notification using Sql Dependency and Sql Cache Dependency My Git Hub Sample Code 70-486: Design a caching strategy I beat the subject of caching absolutely to death in my "Design a caching strategy" post, and touch on it to a lesser extent in my Configure state management post, so I don't think there is any value in revisiting all the different methods in great depth here. Object Cache is essentially a key-value store with a fairly simple interface: One of the other facilities provided by the namespace is change monitoring.

Caching [MSDN] Detecting Changes with Sql Dependency [Code Project] .

I also have to control the URL's in case a person learnsthe URL and tries to type it in.

My question is more towards how to do this database wise. Content controls have to be top-level controls in a content page or a nested master page that references a master page. The solutions I have seen either don't apply or don't work.

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When you click on a html file in the treeview (inside the custom control) I check if the file exists.