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PREFACE The Hospital is central in the delivery of healthcare to any given community and the public in general.

As such it is pivotal in the direct saving of lives, cure or reverse the progress of disease and offer state-of-the -art diagnostic or surgical procedures; to function in this role it is necessarily made up of diverse complex moving parts, and these moving parts, challenging as the task maybe, must be almost seamlessly synchronized if it is to achieve the optimum delivery of health care to the community it is entrusted to help.

Amidst this urgent dilemma or because of it, the brain, with its billions of neurons and synapses must and was able to process, thoughts, events and images, past and present almost instantaneously and concurrently.

The continuous stream of myriads of images, thoughts and events, sometimes interleaved and interweaved with and against each other but at the same time came through fresh, crisp and clear. The mind amazingly was able to multitask, shift through and process diverse thoughts. My own first and only priority was I prayed fervently and assured myself, I had reconciled my entire life with my Maker and Faith thanked him for loaning it to me and humbly accepted whatever was to be all according to His will.

It should be noted that the surgery was performed at the 17th Street Hospital Campus, where all orthopedic special procedures of the teaching institution were done, but managed by the main teaching hospital on 36th Street, albeit the medical and administering staff like nurses and assistants are separate and not necessarily shared.

Despite my immediate post-surgical pain by choice, the record showed that the analgesic pump (Dilaudid) was used sparingly.

To my surprise, and I never knew this before, Tylenol was now available as IV drips (400 mg.) and it had worked for me like a charm, equal if not more effective than Dilaudid.

He was the same physician I conversed with a few minutes earlier during his rounds.

The stat orders were for multiple tubes of blood chemistries and baseline CBCs, hook up of a 500 cc of normal saline solution, a continuous running hard copy of my EKG, IV administration of potassium chloride, and magnesium sulfate, and continual monitor of electrolytes, and lastly 250 mg of amiodarone, executed in orderly sequences; while many eyes were affixed on me and the different monitors, mine roamed at the panorama of somber faces of the code team members working furiously.

Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with our conservators during our viewing times.

We hope you enjoy this “behind the scenes” look at conservation work in the museum. Inquire at the Information Desk about times and locations.

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