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Hannah’s family grills Jed over his career as a musician: Will he make enough money to support their daughter? And even if he does, what sort of quality of life will they have, with Jed needing to spend so much of his time touring and performing?

I’m all for people chasing their dreams, but Jed’s music career seems … He proudly boasts to the Browns that he recently booked his first-ever songwriting gig … We know he supplements his income by taking off his shirt for Nashville bachelorette parties (lowercase-And, yeah, sure, everybody needs to make ends meet, but he’s also plainly not that good at singing.

It seems telling that ABC’s response to Jed’s Girlfriend Gate so far has been roughly the same as their response to last season’s big post-filming controversy, the discovery of a ton of iffy behavior on social media by eventual winner Garrett. For now, let’s enjoy the one blessing of the oxymoronic two-part finale: This 24-hour period where we can all hope Hannah makes the right call.

I’d also like to point out that Tyler has over a million Instagram followers and Jed is still short of 500,000. Yes, Peter got eliminated, which is shocking, especially now that we know that he and Hannah had sex in a windmill not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES.

But I have to say that right now, he’s strapped into the pilot’s seat to be the star of the next season of stars have finished third or higher, with Juan Pablo (seventh) and Colton (fourth) being the two outliers.

He would also be the first black While both Peter and Mike are aviation experts, I’m giving the nod to Peter based on one critical category: Mike made it clear several times over the course of the season that he actually has a personality. In trading their left tackle to the Texans for a haul of draft picks, Miami is valuing the future more than the present.

And ABC has made it clear several times over that their ideal candidate for a software salesman; Guy Who Had the Same Job as His Dad Arie; and Colton, one of the most boring Bachelors in history before he was driven to jump over a fence. As recent history has shown, it’s a strategy that could pay massive dividends down the line.

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She eliminates Pilot Pete, she cries, he cries, and then we carry on with the two remaining men: Tyler and Jed.