The rebound guy dating Interactive animated video sex chat

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The rebound guy dating

Women are stronger and smarter than most men give them credit for.

We know what you mean and we’ll give you the green light if we feel the same.

This should be brought up after you’ve spent a bit of time together.

If you’re up for a fling: Don’t be overly eager or available (this shouldn’t be a problem if you genuinely don’t want a relationship). And always make CASUAL arrangements, last minute; don’t plan things more than a day ahead of time.

Women who are looking for a rebound are not always in the right frame of mind to distinguish between actual feelings and fleeting feelings; most of the time, having a rebound is about having time and space while rediscovering what you want through a non-committed and no-pressure relationship.

However, CONSENTING and RESPONSIBLE adults can engage in a rebound driven relationship and end up having a healthy short-term fling (that can help you both out), or a lasting relationship; I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

For many men there comes a point in life where he must decide whether he wants to be a rebound, or would rather have his ears stapled to the bumper of a moving semi-truck.

Sometimes a woman seeks a rebound in the form of an acquaintance and sometimes it’s a new face.

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If you want a relationship: Wait a bit after the breakup for her to get out her major emotional trauma.

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