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Tweendating com

Tweens are practically bursting with feelings of possibility and new-found joy when they discover that “special someone.” Then again, when you’re fresh out of puberty, love is awkward and can be heartbreaking.

Every year, the students completed a questionnaire about their personal lives while their teachers evaluated each student’s academic performance.After all, Juliet was only 13 when she started dating Romeo, and we all know how that turned out.Studying the Habits of Middle School Daters Pamela Orpinas, lead study author and head of the Department of Health Promotion and Behavior at UGA, says that while romantic relationships may seem like the hallmark of adolescence, they don’t always yield the best results.For older teens, it can help them develop a healthy sense of self and master critical social and interpersonal skills that will serve them well in more serious relationships down the road.It’s the age at which dating starts that’s a concern.

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#3 Early Sex – An obvious question on most parents’ minds when their children start dating is: Does this mean they’re having sex?