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If you want to uninstall one or more particular updates, hit the “Uninstall updates” link instead.

In the Installed Updates control panel window, you can uninstall any update by selecting it and then clicking the Uninstall button.

To access Windows Updates, just hit Start, type “Windows Update,” and then hit Enter.

The process is a little less automatic and gives you a bit more control over what updates you install and when.You no longer have the easy option of selecting which updates to download and install as you did in Windows 7.Though you can take some measures to prevent updates, Windows pretty much does it automatically.After you uninstall the update, you’ll also want to take steps to block that update in the future, if possible.There also a few options you can set governing how Windows Update works.

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Plugging those holes, however, depends primarily upon making sure things are appropriately updated.

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