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The firmware embedded in your range extender implements networking and security protocols on the device.

Linksys often releases updates to product firmware to improve the implementation of these functions as well as to patch software flaws and provide new features or enhancements.

If you have a different router, find your solution here to replace the factory default firmware with DD-WRT.

Leave your router's installation CD in the box, you won't need it. Connect your PC to the LAN of your hotspot router (do not connect it to the internet port, because you have to connect your existing netowork to the internet port). Browse to the MINI firware which you have previously downloaded, then press UPGRADE.

If nothing happens, then unplug the router, then plug in again.

Remember each router is different, but upgrading the firmware is essentially the same process. Now that you’re logged into the router, view the firmware version currently on the router. Visit the Cisco Linksys support site and select you router’s model to see if there is an updated version. Make sure not to do anything else on your computer while the process is active. You won’t be able to access the Internet or network while it’s rebooting.

After 3-4 minutes "Upgrade successful" will come up. Verify whether the router is doing a reset/reboot or not. If you cannot connect, then reboot your computer then try again. You should see the following screen: You must have to set a new username / password for the router's admin interface. Repeat step 4 and upgrade the firmware again with the standard generic firmware. Now you have a new firmware in your router, now you need to load your hotspot settings.

If the POWER light on the front of the router is starting to flash, then everything is OK. After 3-4 minutes "Upgrade successful" will come up. TIP: If you have troubles with the first step, please visit our troubleshooting page to find a solution to your problem.

Firmware is a kind of ROM which is preinstalled and embedded software in the Linksys Router.

With the improvisation in Internet technology, the security level is also increasing in the router.

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