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Updating private repo

To use other Kubernetes resources with your chart, refer to The Chart Template Developer’s Guide.

--debug Enable verbose output --home string Location of your Helm config.

Dependencies are not required to be represented in ‘requirements.yaml’.

For that reason, an update command will not remove charts unless they are (a) present in the file, but (b) at the wrong version.

Overrides $HELM-HOST --kube-context string Name of the kubeconfig context to use --kubeconfig string Absolute path of the kubeconfig file to be used --tiller-connection-timeout int The duration (in seconds) Helm will wait to establish a connection to Tiller (default 300) --tiller-namespace string Namespace of Tiller (default "kube-system") Create a new chart with the given name This command creates a chart directory along with the common files and directories used in a chart.

This is useful for fetching packages to inspect, modify, or repackage.

It can also be used to perform cryptographic verification of a chart without installing the chart.

It provides a basic example and is not meant to cover all Kubernetes resources.

For example, ‘helm create foo’ will create a directory structure that looks something like this:foo/ | |- .helmignore # Contains patterns to ignore when packaging Helm charts.

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