Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016 no kid dating

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Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016

The physicists are therefore confident that a global interception-proof communications network based on established satellite technology could be set up within only a few years.Sensitive data from banks, state institutions or the health sector, for example, must not fall into unauthorized hands.While international collaborations can be integral to advancing global scientific progress, the sensitivity and strategic objectives associated with these technologies in China could, at worst, undermine such engagements, perhaps resulting in such future “made in China” innovation being restricted to China.China clearly aspires to lead the “second quantum revolution” that is occurring with the advent of these new technologies.Within the past several years, Chinese researchers have achieved a track record of consistent advances in basic research and in the development of quantum technologies, including quantum cryptography, communications, and computing, as well as reports of progress in quantum radar, sensing, imaging, metrology, and navigation.

The Department of Defense (Do D) also should undertake further analysis of the utility of available forms of quantum cryptography and communications to secure military information systems.At the highest levels, China’s leaders recognize the strategic potential of quantum science and technology to enhance economic and military dimensions of national power.These quantum ambitions are intertwined with China’s national strategic objective to become a science and technology superpower (科技强国).China’s rise as a powerhouse in quantum science was displayed to the world with the August 2016 launch of the world’s first quantum satellite, Micius (or Mozi, 墨子).Since then, China’s launch of new national “megaprojects” in quantum communications and computing reflect the continued prioritization of these technologies.

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Rather than relying primarily on the “absorption” of foreign technologies in its pursuit of indigenous innovation, China instead intends to achieve truly disruptive, even “radical” innovation (源头创新) in strategic emerging technologies, including biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

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